November 2016
After a loooong hiatus  we are on our way again! We are headed to Nepal!
Follow along as Tyra and Jasmine negotiate their way around new languages, new places and new adventures!

July 2013
Well it’s official! We are headed back to Haiti in October!
Stay tuned for details of events and ways to help!
AND as of this spring we are finally a full charity!

March 2012
Hello everyone!
As many of you know, we have been planning a humanitarian veterinary support trip to Haiti. This trip in May will be the first of many, and will involve establishing key relationships with the Departments of Agriculture, Health and Education, as well as the vet schools and practising veterinarians down in Haiti.

Haiti is amongst the poorest countries in the world, with some of the highest infant mortality rates, illiteracy rates and infectious disease rates found globally. Since the level 7 earthquake in January of 2010, a cholera epidemic has devastated the working population, compromising their ability to rebuild. Add the fact that more than 80% of the population survives on less than $1 US/day, and anyone can see why individuals are unable to ensure that their livestock remain healthy and vaccinated. Unfortunately for most rural Haitians, all of their family’s wealth and security are tied up in what few animals they own (chickens, goats, and the occasional pig).

This is where we come in… our vision is to set up supportive, educational clinics in rural areas that do not often see veterinary or animal husbandry services. These clinics would not only teach individuals how to recognise key diseases before they become fatal, but also give locals the opportunity to have their animals health checked, vaccinated and dewormed.

For us this means having to fund raise. Our current goal is about $15,000 – enough to pay travel expenses, and buy medications and supplies, as well as have a buffer to build on for future clinics.
So where do you come in? We would love for you to attend one (or all!) of the fundraising initiatives that we are planning. In addition we are looking for donations for Silent Auctions (everything is welcome) that will be held.

This will also be a place for us to continually update everyone on what we are doing and where we are at – without having to flood your inboxes! Please check back regularly!

Please let us know if you have questions.

Thanks for your time,
Jasmine, Rayna, Michelle and Rick (May 2012 vets and crew)

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