October 27th., 2017 – Fall Festivities Fundraiser

V.A.S.T. Fall Festivities Fundraiser – Olyniuk Farm, South of Saskatoon
Friday, October 27th., 2017 6:30–9:30
Come out and enjoy the fresh autumn air! There will be horse drawn wagon rides through the woods, campfire with hot dogs, pumpkin carving contests, activities, some refreshments and some great company!
Refreshments and treats will be $2.00. Please bring cash as this event is out of town away from banks or ATMs.

Alcohol will NOT be provided at this event due to the distance from town and emergency services. If you would like to bring a small amount (ie. in a flask) please do so and drink RESPONSIBLY. Irresponsible attendees will be escorted back to town immediately.

Please RSVP by October 20 so supplies and arrangements can be made to fit the group.

Tickets are $25/person; $15 for children over 10; under 10 free!
The price of tickets includes park-and-ride for worry free transportation to/from the event, wagon rides and hot dogs at the event.
To purchase tickets please contact Hillary by email or text; hbs722@mail.usask.ca or 306-850-0836

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